Unofficial FlokoROM GSI for Project Treble ready devices💖

Our GSI-specific changes

  • * Changes model name based on vendor implementation instead of just "Phh-Treble vanilla".
  • * Use Snap instead of AOSP camera app.
  • * Add patch for Mi 9/Mi 9 SE framework.
  • * Add patch for Mi 9/Mi 9 SE fingerprint sensor (not working on AOD/smart pixel).
  • * Add patch for OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro framework.
  • * Add command for OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro to popup in-camera. (run "oneplus-motor up" to popup and "oneplus-motor down" to down. Here is Tasker example for face unlocking)
* Additionally, you can install this Magisk Module to fix BT in-call and some other things (For Mi 9 or OnePlus 7 Pro)
Source: GitHub

DO NOT ask hota/1indwurm to help if you are using my GSI. GSI is not maintained by him. If people continues to annoy him, I'll stop building.

How to flash

  1. Download GSI for your device
    Project Treble has two version - if your device was shipped with Android 9+, it's Treble-ready. If your device was shipped with Android 8.x or lower, it's "Legacy Treble" device.

    For Treble-ready devices:
    If your device is arm64, download "system-arm64-ab-vanilla-nosu.img"

    For "Legacy Treble" devices:
    If your device is arm64 and supports A/B seamless update, download "system-arm64-ab-vanilla-nosu.img"
    If your device is arm64 and doesn't support A/B seamless update, download "system-arm64-aonly-vanilla-nosu.img"

    ...If your device is arm, sorry we don't have build for it.
  2. Reboot to bootloader or recovery
  3. Flash/install to system
    e.g. If you are in fastboot mode:
    fastboot flash system [insert image name here]
  4. On some devices with vbmeta partition, you have to disable it by flashing vbmeta.img
    fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
  5. (Optional) If you need Google apps, flash GApps ZIP in recovery before rebooting
    NOTE: You need to navigate to Wipe > Advance Wipe > Data, and choose Repair or Change File System and press "Resize File System" on TWRP, then mount system at Mount menu before installing GApps ZIP
  6. (Optional) Do factory reset if you flashed GSI over other roms
  7. Profit!
  8. NOTE: Please don't use third-party custom rom (e.g. Xiaomi.eu roms) as the base rom. Some hacky roms have wrong (unofficial) fingerprint and GSI can't detect what device you are using.


  • Q. I installed Open GApps but got many force stops...
    A. To install Open GApps without force stops, you have to install 4 apks before flashing Open GApps.
    1. com.google.android.gsf.login
    2. com.google.android.gsf
    3. com.google.android.gms
    4. com.android.vending
    Please search at APKMirror and install 1 to 4 in order, then reboot to recovery and flash Open GApps.
  • Q. My device doesn't recognize IMEI / can't use Dual SIM.
    A. Currently some devices can't use Dual SIM (SIM slot 2). Please insert SIM to slot 1 and leave slot 2 empty.
  • Q. MTP is not working! How can I enable?
    A. Please open developer option and change USB config. If it doesn't work, check if your PC is recognizing your device as MTP device in device manager. Often Windows recognize the device as "Unknown" and you have to manually set/install MTP driver for the unknown device.
  • Q. How can I fix rounded cornor?
    A. Please run this command ("8" will be different for each devices):
    adb shell settings put secure sysui_rounded_content_padding 8
  • Q. How can I get back to stock rom?
    A. You have to flash stock system image to system and wipe data in fastboot or recovery.

Need help?

There is no official support thread for FlokoROM GSI. If you really think it is GSI (ROM) issue and got the logcat, you can create issue on this repo.
If you have any problem with "hardware" (e.g. SIM is not recognized, Wi-Fi is missing), you should flash Phh-Treble AOSP GSI and try to reploduce your problem on AOSP GSI, then get a logcat and make a issue on Phh's repo.

DO NOT ask hota/1indwurm to help if you are using my GSI. GSI is not maintained by him. If people continues to annoy him, I'll stop building.

My testing devices

Looking for AICP-mordiford GSI?

AICP-mordiford was based on AICP O 13.1 (Android 8.1 Oreo). We stopped building it since official AICP team stopped security update for Oreo.

We need your support

My build server is also my daily driver, so I can only build the rom at weekend. I want dedicated PC for the building... Also please support hota, the main developer of FlokoROM.